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Placing Your Household Items In Storage

Hi there, my name is Jake Boyd. Welcome to my website about picking out a storage unit for your household goods. When we were purchasing our second home, and selling our first, we had to find somewhere to live during the closing process. We could not obtain the keys to our new home until the lender completed this process in full. To ensure we could find somewhere to stay, we placed our household goods in storage for a short time. I created this website to help others navigate this process from beginning to end. I welcome you to visit anytime you want to learn more about putting your household items in storage.


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Organizing Clothing While Packing For A Move

When it comes to packing for a move, having a strategy can help to speed along the process and make it easier to unpack when you arrive at your new home. Here are some organizing ideas and packing strategies you can use for your family's clothing:

Bag Up Socks And Underwear

Small items, like socks and underwear, can get lost in a box full of clothing. To keep these items neatly packed together, invest in gallon-size plastic zipper bags. Use one separate bags for socks and underwear, and use another bag for other small items, such as handkerchiefs. These bags also come in handy when packing infant clothing. Once the bags are filled and sealed, they can be placed in larger boxes of clothing.

Wrap Formal Wear

If you have formal Wear you don't want to fold, you can use plastic wrap to bundle these items together. They can be left on the hangers when being wrapped for easy placement in your closet when you arrive at your new home. This option is great for suits, cocktail dresses, tuxedos, and even wedding dresses.

Bundle Belts

Belts can be difficult to pack without being bundled together, Some types of belts can get tangled, and if the belt buckles aren't secured, they can get caught on clothing in your moving boxes. Use plastic wrap to cover the buckles on each belt, and use plastic ties or rubber bands to bund the belts together. If you prefer, you can coil the belts together in a bundle and place them in a plastic bag for an additional layer of organization.

Use Wine Boxes

Wine boxes can be great for packing glassware and other fragile items, but they also come in handy when packing the items in your closet as well. Look for cardboard boxes with separate compartments designed to hold wine bottles, and use each compartment for individual shoes. For flip flops and sandals, you may be able to fit one pair or more inside of each compartment. Be sure to wrap expensive footwear in tissue paper first to prevent scratches or damage.

Box Up Hangers

Hangers should be packed away separately from your clothes to prevent snags and tears. Use rubber bands on the corners as well as the hooks to keep the hangers bundled neatly together before placing them in a box. Once bundled together, they can be placed flat in the corners of a box, which lets you double the amount of hangers you pack away.

Be sure to label the boxes with the type of clothing stored inside and which room of the home they should be placed in. This will help your moving company to properly place all of your items during the move. Contact a company like Caccamise Moving & Storage Co for more information and assistance.