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Placing Your Household Items In Storage

Hi there, my name is Jake Boyd. Welcome to my website about picking out a storage unit for your household goods. When we were purchasing our second home, and selling our first, we had to find somewhere to live during the closing process. We could not obtain the keys to our new home until the lender completed this process in full. To ensure we could find somewhere to stay, we placed our household goods in storage for a short time. I created this website to help others navigate this process from beginning to end. I welcome you to visit anytime you want to learn more about putting your household items in storage.


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Reasons To Hire Professional Movers When You Use Pod Systems

Pod moving systems are becoming increasingly popular with many people. They offer several benefits including the ability to take your time packing and especially unpacking them. The pod also does not require you to rent a truck or hire a moving truck. The pod is loaded onto a truck with other pods and moved to your new location. You may be wondering why it is vital to hire professional movers when you are using this type of moving system. Here are a few of the reasons and what to know about each one.

Understanding Space

When you hire a pod moving system, you may think that you can load it quickly and easily. Though you can load it and unload it yourself, you may be missing one important aspect. You may not know how to pack the space correctly and efficiently. A professional mover knows how to maximize the space they are given and how to safely pack the pod to the maximum efficiency. This means getting more of your items into the pod with less breakage and less concern about having to leave something behind. 

Proper Packing

When you hire a full-service mover, you are also hiring a packing service. The movers will come to your location and pack your items before moving them into your pod unit for shipping. Many people believe they can pack their own items safely. However, you may find that you do not have the proper experience to ensure that the items are not broken and do not shift during travel. When your items are in a pod and being shipped, the chances for items breaking can increase. Professional movers have the experience and training to pack the items in a certain way to avoid shifting and breakage during the shipping and unpacking process. 

Proper Equipment

Having the right packing equipment is vital to the safety of your items during their move. You may believe that the only things you need are packing materials for breakables, tape, and shipping boxes. The truth is, that is sometimes not enough. A professional moving service will have the equipment and specialty boxes that make your move easier and unpacking your items go smoothly. For example, they will have boxes specifically for dishes and glasses as well as wardrobe boxes for clothing. 

When you are ready to get started on your move, contact your local pod movers or professional moving company. Keep in mind, some moving companies offer both the pod moving option with a full packing and moving process. Make sure to ask for this full service first. The movers will tell you the services they offer and what to expect from each option.